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You’ve saved me from so much, and taught me more than any school, show, movie or experience ever could. I’ve been taught how to live. Without you, I was merely existing in a timeless uncaring world. Unknown to the glorifying mysteries of what I can describe as love. Before you, I had complete stability and was what I thought was happy. I assumed happiness was existing comfortably. I was beyond wrong. Living happiness means to be able to sacrifice the good and the bad things, so you can have the key to ultimate happiness. For many people, it could be materialistic items, money, or other human beings. For me, it was one. One human being changed my whole concept of life. It’s funny how you can go your whole life and not believe in much, but the day that person walks into your emotions. You get connected, and it starts to sink in. The stars and planets just align. You don’t know how, or why. But you know it happened, and you just don’t question it. Because if you did, you’d never get an answer. You can no longer look at life as existing. You’re finally living. I, am finally living. I’ve been taught that life is more than having money, friends, nice clothes, a pretty face or a beautiful body. At this point, there’s no reason to try to impress anyone anymore. I’ve got everything. I’m set for life with this one person, and nothing on this earth could ever effect me the way this person has. I’ve never wanted to spend every breathable second with another person. Let alone myself. I could not be more grateful. I don’t need the moon, I don’t need the sun, I don’t need the stars or the sky or the darkness or the clouds or the rain. I’ve got this human being. The air I breathe, the sun shining on my skin, the moon lighting my way, the stars keeping my thoughts and hopes as bright as them, the clouds comforting me, the rain keeping me company, the darkness sharing every deep secret possible, and the sky giving me such a beautiful sight to look at. That’s all been covered. I’m far too deep to use the simple term, “in love.” Those are just two words not strong enough to even be compared with my feelings for this other person. I’ve been mentally and emotionally sucked into their vortex of life conceptions and want to do nothing but improve our life quality, but it would be an impossible task with the way out minds connect. Not a thing could ever improve. This is the climax of two human brains being in sync. Nothing besides death could ever cut the cords of our intense passionate and endless feelings for one another. Fortunately, our lives have just begun and we have memories so far ahead of us, and I can’t wait to spend every waking possible moment with this amazing person. No. This amazing gift, I’ve been granted. Endless souls in such short lives, I’m ready to waste mine with you. I love you.

-Taylor Hicks.

For Zachary Hunt. ♡

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